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Selma (Step-Grandmother) (Maddex)  
Chelcie Adam (Cindi's)    
Nicole Ammerman (Moscou)    
Jack Clark (Kathi's Husband)
Amber Clark (Kathi's)
Tiffany Clark (Kathi's)   
Jackline Deckard (Cousin)    
Jennifer Deckard-Blasinga…    
Joshua Dodd (Carol's)    
Barb Ekborg (Aunt)
John Feeney (Summer's Husband)
Michele Gomez (Maddex Niece, Ryan's)
Avis Jennings (Aunt)  
Homer Jennings (Grandfather)  
Larry Jennings (Cousin)  
Linda Jennings (Cousin)  
Lois Jennings (Maddex)  
Lorraine Jennings (Aunt)  
Opal Jennings (Walker)  
Roy Jennings (Uncle)  
Roy Nelson Jennings (Cousin)
Sheila Jennings (Romoff)     
Mary Jennings (Aunt)   
Kailyn Kitajama (Cindi's)   
Chrissy Lemon (Cousin) (Dixie's)
Bonnie Jean Maddex (Aunt)  
Carol Maddex (Switzer)    
Charity Maddex (Randy's)    
Charles Maddex (Uncle)  
Charles (Charlie) Maddex (Cousin)   
Charles (Chuckie) Maddex (Cousin)   
Cindi Maddex   
Donna Maddex (Aunt)   
George Maddex (Dad)   
Greg Maddex (Cousin)
Kathi Maddex (Clark)
Kim Maddex (Cousin Fahrnkopf)   
Kyle Maddex (Charity's)   
Larry Maddex (Uncle)
Marty Maddex (Cousin)  
Marvin Maddex (Grandfather)  
Matthew Maddex (Cousin)
Melody Maddex (Cousin)
Naleah Maddex (Randy's)
Randy Maddex (Brother)   
Robert Maddex (Uncle)  
Robert (Bobby) Maddex (Cousin)   
RoxAnne Maddex (Cousin)    
Sandra Maddex (Moscou)    
Saundra Elaine Maddex (Cousin)  
Stephen Maddex (Cousin)
Terri Maddex (Maness)   
Tim Maddex (Cousin)    
Ryan Maddex (Cindi's)    
Jay Marie Maddex (Cousin)    
Stephen Maddex (Cousin)  
Tawnya Maddex (Cousin)   
Diana Maddex (Cousin-Char…    
Chavonn Maddex (Randy's) (Talley)   
Debbie Maddex-2nd Cousin   
Dixie Maddex-Lemons (Cousin)   
McKenzie Maness (Terri's)    
Jeremy McNaney (Cousin)   
Danielle McNaney (Cousin) (Moen)   
Chuck Moscou (Sandra's Husband)
Micah Moscou (Sandra's)    
Jennifer Moscou (Sandra's)    
Summer Moscou (Sandra's) (F…)    
Steve Perkovich
Debbie Rawlins-McNaney (Cousin)  
Coral Rodgers-Jennings (Grand…)   
Steve Switzer (Carol)
Joel Talley (Chavonn)
Diana Walker (Cousin) (Mandity)   
Stephen Walker (Cousin)   
LaDonna White (Cousin) (Mel…)    
Amy White-de Almeida (Cou…    
Evelyn Wingfield (Maddex)   

Guest Members

Jan Gati    
Penny Jensen
Laurie Rice (Old Neighbor) (Nelson)   

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