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08/28/09 01:56 PM #36    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

Hello is August 28, 2009. It has been 16 years today that the best man(in my opinion) ever put on this earth was taken away from us so suddenly, my father, my best friend, my everything.

This year it seems i have had a harder time dealing with his passing than usual...

So i would like to ask everyone a favor. It memory of my father, and to help me tell my son more about him (i was 11 when he passed)i ask that you tell a story, experience, a great memory of who my dad was and maybe what he meant to you. I would greatly appreciate it.


Here is my story...
As long as i can remember i was with my daddy everywhere he went. When he got sick and in a wheelchair he didnt let that get him down, every day i would push him in that chair to Circle K and he would get a mountain dew and we would walk to the park. It was just me and him from the time i got home from school until bedtime. When i had nightmares (it happened alot) i would go in to his room to his side of the bed and he would let me hold his thumb until i fell asleep. Now as an adult when i sleep i hold on to the edge of my pillow for comfort, the same comfort i had when holding his thumb.

08/28/09 02:50 PM #37    

Debbie Rawlins-McNaney (Cousin)

Hi Diana and everyone else...........I will certainly be happy to say anything I can about my Big Brother!
He was younger than me but still my Big Brother because he protected me!! Always looking out for his sisters...all three of us...He was such an influence on my son (Jeremy) when my husband left he looked out for Jeremy and helped him become a "MAN" He made sure I had transportation to and from the welfare office when my husband first left...he took me there on his motorcycle.....I was sooooo scared...he would laugh so hard at me cuz I would always lean the other way on the turns!! and almost tip us over....then when I got a car he and my other Big Brother Bob would work on it and keep it running for me.......I MISS BOTH of them soooo much!! Hang in there Diana I won't say it gets easier cuz it can't but just keep those precious memories...and never forget he is looking down on us..
Love You
Aunt Deb

08/28/09 06:20 PM #38    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

Thank you so much Aunt Deb for that story. It really means alot. I cant describe the feelings in my heart everytime i hear someone talk about my dad. it just makes me so happy. I never knew those things about him, it just reminds me of the great guy he was. Matt is going to love hearing this.

I love you lots and miss you so much!

08/28/09 07:55 PM #39    

Jackline Deckard (Cousin) (Dixie's)

First of all, aunt Debbie cracked me up... I can just see her now leaning in the opposite direction... LOL!!! The memory that is so vivid to me is when we'd have family gatherings, usually at aunt Mels house. Later on after we ate, uncle Charlie would bring out his guitar and all of us kids would gather around him and he would sing to us as we sang along... I always wanted to be right at his feet :) He would stum for hours, because we never wanted him to stop.... My favorite song was grandmother's feather bed.... Oh, how i'd love to relive those memories again... I love you Diana, hang in there hun... If you need to talk call me, I know how hard it is....

09/01/09 01:35 PM #40    

Debbie Rawlins-McNaney (Cousin)

You girls really make me remember what a terrific family we had and still do have....we just don't make the effort enough to get together.....everyday things get in the way....
Hope this finds you both well...........
I still have my little cassette of Charlie's songs that those guys recorded so long ago....I love it
Boy was he talented from strummin the guitar to vocals
He is surely in heaven singing with the angels....
Love you girls...
Aunt Deb

09/10/09 06:43 PM #41    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

I just want to thank you so much. I listen to my dad's tapes all the time, i dont know any other way i would be able to get through some of the hard stressful times without listening to them. Thanks again for sharing. I love hearing about those times.

10/07/09 12:49 AM #42    

Charles (Chuckie) Maddex (Cousin)

Hello to all,

I'm sure everyone just wondering where we are at? Here I am. Thank You Carol send me the information about the website. I have been read all the comments from all the Maddex Family is really nice to hear this. Im telling ya we all fine but this winter is coming to town. I just bought the house for three bed room and two bathroom also with walkout basement. nice family room in basement with finished and have three cars garage 24' by 42'. I bought the house 3 and month ago. Im tired of being rented. My mom is doing fine and tyler is fine too. I will be 46 in two weeks. Don't tell me im getting a old fart. (he he). I missed my dad alot and been gone for 10 years. I went to his grave last year when I was in california for my vacation. I drove it my new car 2008 Chevolet Impala is really nice color. How are ya all everyone. I always been online everyday. Keep in touch. If you want my email address Let me know and i willing give to ya. take care. Wink ;) Happy spooking day. Love ya all.

10/11/09 11:16 PM #43    

Carol Maddex (Switzer)

Thank you Chuck for joining the site however your mom's email still is bouncing ya all and it was great talking with you the other night and thanks for staying up so late to chat


11/03/09 01:31 PM #44    

Jay Marie Maddex (Cousin) (Charlie's)

Hi There,

I added a few pictures and updated my profile if any of you are interested in checking them out.

Hope you had a great day!!

Jay (Charlie's Daughter)

11/09/09 08:41 PM #45    

RoxAnne Maddex (Cousin)

Hello everyone, I'm new on here, but I noticed a few mentioned something about a family reunion of some sort. Didnt know if that had happened or if that is still in the works. We left Cali when I was very young so I really dont know anyone. If there is ever any sort of reunion I would definately appreciate a heads up. Thanks.

12/01/09 01:21 AM #46    

Carol Maddex (Switzer)

Thanks Debbie for posting this information.....I am so excited we found each other....

Debbie's Great Grandfather and our Great Grandfather (grandpa Marvin's dad) were brothers...Debbie found us thru this family website. I would be very interested in filling in the gaps with our families, with your children's full names, birthdays and their parents names and birthdays or date of death..

Have a good evening

12/29/09 10:26 PM #47    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

I just want to say I miss you all so much! Happy New Year family. I love you.

01/08/10 06:12 PM #48    

Charles (Chuckie) Maddex (Cousin)

hello everyone. Im getting tired of too much snow and my yard is pile up the snow on my property and hope is no more snow. we are still in the fever cabin and be tired of it. Hurry up Damn spring and summer time. wink

01/14/10 10:12 PM #49    

Evelyn Wingfield (Maddex)

Hi everyone, this is Aunt Ev, just want to say hi, hope you all had a beauity Christmas and avery good new year, love the website and all of you..

01/28/10 01:13 PM #50    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

OK so i need some help. Who was my great grandfather? Anyone?

01/28/10 01:36 PM #51    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

Also, were did this branch orginate from? I am on facebook and I have a friend named Dale Maddex. his branch of Maddex's orginated from maryland and virginia and some have stayed in Central MO.

01/29/10 10:14 PM #52    

Carol Maddex (Switzer)

Diane your great grand father was Marvin Maddex....just so you don't get confused...this website was created for our family to reconnect....not a family tree...however i am in contact with a Debbie Maddex....who is a cousin...her great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers,my great grandfather was the father to Marvin Maddex who was your dad's and my grandfather...we are all under the Marvin Maddex branch of the Maddex Family tree. I have been trying to fill in all the kids and grand kid for our part of the Maddex Family Tree that Debbie Maddex has been working on...

01/29/10 10:17 PM #53    

Carol Maddex (Switzer)

Marvin Maddex Branch was from Iowa & Indiana....any Maddex spelled like ours is most likely related.....

02/11/10 05:48 PM #54    

Diana Maddex (Cousin-Charlies) (DeFries)

Thank you Carol. I thank you for this information. I do understand why the website was created and wouldnt want to give you a different impression, i just dont have anyone to ask anymore. Since my dad passed I have not really been in touch with anyone besides cousin and anyone i ask doesnt know either. Its also just nice to know where i come from. Thanks again for the info. :)

09/18/10 02:02 PM #55    

Jay Marie Maddex (Cousin) (Charlie's)

Hi Family. Havent said hi for awhile so I wanted to stop by and say well HI :). Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a wonderful day!

03/06/11 11:53 AM #56    

Summer Moscou (Sandra's) (Feeney)

Georges immediate family and grandkids please send me recent email addresses and updated info. I am working on a project and I need your help! Summer

03/06/11 11:58 AM #57    

Summer Moscou (Sandra's) (Feeney)

Aunt Mary and Sheila,

 I am working on geneology. I am tring to sign up with Daughters of the American revolution thru Homers line. Aunt Opal signed up, but on a short form. They are now requiring more info for my generation. Can you help me? I need to get names after Homer. Can I get your email addresses?

Summer, Sandis girl.

05/31/11 12:23 PM #58    

Summer Moscou (Sandra's) (Feeney)

Hello Family,

 Those of you who do want to connect dots for family tree stuff, please email me at I have old photos to share and hope to gather others!



(Sandras, in Wa state)

03/18/21 08:30 PM #59    

Carol Maddex (Switzer)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to update this website. It has been forever since I checked in. I would like to get this activated again. This page is for Maddex/Jennings only and all who are related.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Carol Maddex Switzer

03/20/21 01:53 PM #60    

RoxAnne Maddex (Cousin)

Howdy y'all.

Great to see this site getting some activitiy again. I hope everyone is doing well. 

I did want to update. My sister Saundra Elaine Maddex deceased Dec 3, 2015, and my brother Gregory Lynn Maddex, Sr. deceased July 4, 2020. I am now the last surviving of six siblings.


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